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Mortal Shell guide: How to find Glimpses

Where they come from, and how to find more

Mortal Shell Glimpses Image: Cold Symmetry/PlayStack via Polygon

Glimpses are both one of Mortal Shell’s many items and a currency. In this guide, we’ll talk about what Glimpses are and how you can find more.

What are Glimpses?

Glimpses are Mortal Shell’s currency for unlocking your various Shells’ abilities. You’ll also need Tar, but Glimpses are the more important — and rare — for your upgrades.

You’ll find individual Glimpses as drops from slain enemies. Consumable items with names like Glimpse of Affection, Glimpse of Courage, or Glimpse of Disdain reward you with multiple Glimpses.

The important thing to remember is that Glimpses (unlike Tar) are tied to each Shell. The Glimpses you have as Harros will stay with Harros if you switch to another Shell like Solomon.

Once you’ve completely unlocked a Shell’s abilities, Sester Genessa will become a vendor. You’ll need Glimpses for the items she shells.

How to find more Glimpses

The consumable, multi-Glimpse versions are found in chests near brigand camps, from those frog-shaped chests around Fallgrim, or they’re rewards for defeating bosses and mini-bosses in the three sub-levels, the Seat of Infinity, Crypt of Martyrs, and Shrine of Ash.

When you’re out of those, you’ll need to switch to collecting Glimpses as random drops. Any of Mortal Shell’s generic enemies can randomly drop individual Glimpses, so the most straightforward way to gain Glimpses is to just kill a ton of them in and around Fallgrim.

You’ve really only got a couple options to increase your Glimpse income. With the Harros, the Vassal shell (the first shell you find), unlock his Accretion of Yearning ability for 1,000 Tar and 8 Glimpses. This increases the chances of enemies dropping Glimpses.

There is also a consumable item to increase Glimpse drop rates. The Bronze Bell increases the Tar you earn by 10% for six minutes. When you’re familiar with it, the Bronze Bell also increases the rate of Glimpse drops by 10%. There are only four Bronze Bells in the game, though, so you won’t be able to rely on these.

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