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The trailer for Joel Coen and A24’s Macbeth movie is gorgeous and moody

Prisoners of the Ghostland director Sion Sono ‘didn’t really have a choice’ but to put an explosive on Nic Cage’s testicle

15 horror movies just scary enough for everyone to watch

Movie musicals are finally getting over their fear of singing

Candyman and every new movie available to stream from home

A Paranormal Activity reboot drops on Paramount Plus next month

Prisoners of Ghostland might be peak Nic Cage, which is saying something

25 of the best movies on Netflix right now

Guillermo del Toro’s Nightmare Alley trailer sets up a dark mystery

Jurassic Park gets the legacy treatment with a board game that spans the entire franchise

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‘We’re going to hide it’: How Lilo & Stitch succeeded by staying off Disney’s radar

‘[Michael Eisner] couldn’t find an easy way to encapsulate the film in his head. But he really liked it.’

Memoria’s sensory-overload mystery swirls around Tilda Swinton

Kristen Stewart turns the Princess Di movie Spencer into a chilling ghost story

Confessions of a former Legolas fangirl

Benedict Cumberbatch gives his best-ever performance in The Power of the Dog

6 horror movies that share the unhinged DNA of James Wan’s Malignant

Sizing up the 10 most popular things on Netflix right now

Christopher Nolan ditches WB, his home of 20 years, to make his next movie at Universal

The gorgeous animated fantasy Where Is Anne Frank puts a future spin on grim history

The Bond franchise will let women do everything except be James Bond

Which Cinderella movie is the Cinderellest?

10 movies to stream while you’re mentally preparing for The Matrix 4

Kate, Malignant, and every new movie available to stream from home

27 Matrix Resurrections trailer shots that reduced me to a fan-theorizing fanboy from 2002

The best part of James Wan’s horror movie Malignant: it’s silly as hell

Mary Elizabeth Winstead is a legit action star wasted by Netflix’s Kate

Halloween Kills will go to streaming and theaters on the same day 

Halloween Kills is the Avengers: Infinity War of the new Halloween movie trilogy

Crafting Shang-Chi’s subtitles was a ‘big learning experience,’ says director

31-disc Lord of the Rings 4K Blu-ray box set is the most Lord of the Rings yet

Morpheus isn’t in The Matrix Resurrections, and 2005’s The Matrix Online may explain why

Let’s take a second to remember what happened at the end of The Matrix Revolutions