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New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe guide: Frosted Glacier Star Coins

Every Star Coin location in Frosted Glacier

New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe Frosted Glacier Star Coins guide Nintendo EAD/Nintendo via Polygon

In this guide, we’ll show you the locations of every Star Coin in New Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe’s Frosted Glacier world.

Frosted Glacier 1 — Spinning-Star Sky

Star Coin 1: The first coin is visible above a large spinning star. Use your Super Acorn jump to glide to it.

Star Coin 2: The second Star Coin is above an area with a Piranha Plant. Jump on the large spinning star to the left of the plant, and use your Super Acorn glide jump to reach a hidden tunnel in the rock above. When you come out the other side, use another glide jump to get on top of the rock, where you’ll find the Star Coin.

Star Coin 3: After the green coin challenge, there’s an area filled with Munchers and spinning stars above them. Use your Super Acorn glide jump to get to a hidden room next to the Munchers, where you can hit a brick to get a Starman. While you’re invincible, run across the next section of Munchers to the right and into a hidden room with the final Star Coin.

Frosted Glacier 2 — Cooligan Fields

Star Coin 1: The first Star Coin is easy to find, but the Cooligans sliding around under it make it a little tougher to collect. Stand on the bricks above them and take them out with Ice Flower blasts before heading down to collect the Star Coin.

Star Coin 2: After the red coin challenge, you’ll see two pipes with bricks and question mark blocks between them. Break a few bricks to get into this area, jump on the question block above, and use it to wall jump between the pipes to reach a Star Coin.

Star Coin 3: The final Star Coin is visible high above the level. There are a few platforms and bricks you can jump on — it’s tricky, especially with the Cooligans sliding beneath you, but you can do it. Hold down A as you jump on a Cooligan to give yourself a boost up to the lowest platform.

Frosted Glacier Tower — Freezing-Rain Tower

Star Coin 1: The first coin is easy to see — it’s on the left side of the second diagonal platform. Watch out for the icicles!

Star Coin 2: The second Star Coin will appear during the rising platform sequence. You’ll have to be slightly ahead of the platform, or it will crush you as it rises. To get some distance, you can wall jump up the sides of the chamber after it narrows, or just make a run for it and take damage from the Dry Bones in the area.

Star Coin 3: After collecting the second Star Coin, you’ll see a trail of coins leading to the right. Instead of following it, head to the far left, where you can enter a hidden room and collect the final Star Coin.

Frosted Glacier 3 — Prickly Goombas!

Star Coin 1: You’ll see a pipe leading up, with a Prickly Goomba and three regular Goombas guarding it. Jump up near the Prickly Goomba to direct the fire of the nearby Piranha Plant so the Goomba will pop out. Once the pipe entrance is clear, you can head in. This room has three hidden coin blocks on each side. Jump off of them to get the Star Coin.

Star Coin 2: You’ll need Yoshi for this Star Coin. Luckily, you can find him right after the checkpoint. Keep moving on the rolling hill to find a hidden room with Yoshi’s egg inside. (Before you grab Yoshi, you may want to get rid of the Fire Bro on the right — it makes things easier.) Jump onto the Fire Bro’s brick platform, and from here, flutter jump with Yoshi to a platform where you can take a pipe. The next room is filled with Prickly Goombas, but Yoshi can walk on top of them. A simple jump, and the Star Coin is yours.

Star Coin 3: The third Star Coin is easy to see, above a Fire Bro and some Prickly Goombas. If you still have Yoshi, you can flutter jump to the Star Coin; if you’ve lost him, you can run and jump off the ice to the right.

Frosted Glacier 4 — Scaling the Mountainside

Star Coin 1: The easiest way to reach all the Star Coins in this level is to bring a Super Acorn with you. The first one is visible above a series of scale platforms. Stand on one side of the scale until the other side is at the top, then jump up quickly to collect the Star Coin.

Star Coin 2: The second Star Coin is above an area with many floating coins and three Bullet Bill cannons. If you don’t have the Super Acorn, you’ll need to jump off the flying Bullet Bills to get high enough to reach it.

Star Coin 3: Look for a set of scale platforms, followed by a rock with an upside-down Bullet Bill cannon embedded in it. There’s a small ledge just above the cannon. Your mission is to get on it. Once you do, you’ll discover a hidden room with the final Star Coin.

Frosted Glacier 5 — Icicle Caverns

Star Coin 1: Just past two bricks and a question block, you’ll see a large icicle hanging ominously. Run past it before it drops, and you’ll find yourself in a hidden room with the first Star Coin.

Star Coin 2: A little past the checkpoint, you’ll encounter an Ice Bro below a pipe. The only way to enter the pipe is to boost yourself off the Ice Bro as you jump on him (hold A as you jump). The pipe will take you to a secret room with the Star Coin. Watch out for the giant icicles!

Star Coin 3: Toward the end of the level, you’ll reach a point where you can simply run through, avoiding icicles. Build up your speed and beat the final icicle from blocking the last pipe in the level. Take this pipe to come out by the final Star Coin.

Frosted Glacier Ghost House — Swaying Ghost House

Star Coin 1: You’ll see the Star Coin in the first room. Use the P Switch to walk through the wall above the Star Coin on the left side. The P Switch resets after completing its sequence, so you can take your time here.

Star Coin 2: You’ll eventually enter a room with a door underneath you — bricks block it, so hit the P Switch on the other side of the room, then come back to access the door. Inside, you’ll find two sets of coins that move when you try to collect them. Hit the nearby P Switch so they turn into blocks, then dash through the room, avoiding the Boos. At the end of the room, the blocks will stop. Use them to collect the Star Coin hanging above. You’ll have to be quick, so instead of jumping on the blocks, try wall-jumping off the top one — it’s a faster way up.

Star Coin 3: This one is trickiest of all, not least because you have to access the secret exit door to get it. To do that, in the room where the row of coins/bricks rise as you jump, keep jumping past the exit door and go right into the ceiling, where there’s a hidden door. Go through it, and you’ll see a room filled with bricks, coins, and a P Switch — and the room is moving! Hit the P Switch and dash through the room — at the end, if the P Switch is still active, you’ll see two lines of bricks you can wall jump up to grab your final Star Coin.

Frosted Glacier Castle — Wendy’s Shifting Castle

Star Coin 1: The first Star Coin is hiding under a Thwomp right before the checkpoint. Wait for it to fall, then wall jump up to get it. (To make this easier, you could bring a Super Acorn into the level and glide jump to it.)

Star Coin 2: You’ll see two Thwimps circling bricks. (If you fall through the floor into a hidden room full of coins, you’ll know you’re in the right place.) Get on the second brick (duck when Thwimp is flying overhead) and jump straight up to reveal a hidden coin block. Get on top of this block to access a pipe in the ceiling. The room it takes you to is full of Thwimps — avoid them, take your time, and claim the Star Coin at the end of the room.

Star Coin 3: Near the end of the level (just before the series of giant Thwomps), you’ll see a shifting platform with a pipe at the other side. That’s your cue — let the platform drop you as it shifts down into its base. Stay right next to the pillar, and you’ll drop onto a pipe. It takes you to a room with raising and lowering platforms and a giant Thwomp — when he comes down, you’ll see the final Star Coin.

Frosted Glacier — Fliprus Lake

Star Coin 1: You’ll see a red Koopa Troopa on a set of three bricks that are moving up and down. Take out the Koopa Troopa from below, then get on the blocks and ride them to their highest point. One jump and the Star Coin is yours.

Star Coin 2: You’ll come to a point where Fliprus are riding up and down on moving platforms. You’ll see a platform above one of the Fliprus — take it out, then jump to the platform (this is easier if you freeze the Fliprus with your Ice Flower power). From this platform, you can access a pipe — take it to a room with two Fliprus, coins, and the Star Coin.

Star Coin 3: You’ll see a wooden platform floating in the water next to a rock wall. Take out the Fliprus next to the platform so you won’t have to worry about its snowballs. Let the platform sink and then pop back up — at its highest point, jump toward the rock wall, and you will be able to enter a hidden tunnel containing the final Star Coin.

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