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The latest games, TV, movie, anime, and comics news, trailers, release dates, and more.

Dead by Daylight hits 60M players

Amazon’s Fallout series gives us a look at power armor, ghouls, and a new vault

Surprise: Lionsgate is reportedly working on a Naruto movie

Everything we know about Scott Pilgrim Takes Off season 2

Destiny 2’s The Final Shape expansion delayed to summer 2024

Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour movie adds new songs for streaming debut later this year

Marvel Snap will still ‘flourish in the future,’ despite ByteDance’s exit from gaming

All the Invincible season 2 part 2 news we’ve heard so far

How to watch The Game Awards 2023

This year’s Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade balloons: Adam Sandler, Luffy, and a floating NFT

Five things to know before watching Disney’s Wish

Space Marine 2 is officially delayed until the second half of 2024

Destiny 2’s next season comes with a Witcher collab and a long-awaited in-game LFG

All the Scream 7 news so far, including its new director

By tapping Nicholas Hoult for Lex Luthor James Gunn is learning from Snyder’s best

Colleen Ballinger returns to YouTube with a (non-ukulele) apology

Disney Lorcana’s online sales event ends in disaster after DDoS attack

Fortnite promises ‘unforgettable’ live event on Dec. 2

Pathfinder stripped every last trace of D&D from its new rulebooks — even owlbears

GameMaker engine goes free for non-commerical use in wake of Unity debacle

Controversial ‘pay-to-win’ Gaia skin will be temporarily removed from Modern Warfare 3

D&D’s Deck of Many Things launch delayed until January 2024

League of Legends’ next champion is a brooding painter with 10 spells

Exclusive first details on Brandon Sanderson’s Stormlight tabletop RPG

Aardman, the Wallace & Gromit claymation studio, isn’t actually running out of clay

Magic: The Gathering adds even more sexy Jeff Goldblum cards

The Last of Us Part 2 PS5 remaster unveiled with trailer, release date

All the Wheel of Time season 3 news we’ve heard so far

Half-Life is turning 25, and Valve threw it a huge party with a free update

Dragon Ball creator Akira Toriyama is back with a new anime

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth will add a new wrinkle to its difficulty

Behold the Bluey Xbox