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Fortnite pro, big-time streamer and good son pays off his mom’s student loans

Doom documentary discusses demon designs

Soulcalibur’s samurai gets a showdown with Haohmaru

Uncharted movie bumps Masters of the Universe off March 2021 release date

Batman: Arkham Knight gets another free costume on PS4

Federal court: Getting muted in RuneScape doesn’t violate your civil rights

Watch virtual fighter jocks fly multimillion-dollar warplanes through simulated bullet hell

Overwatch and Call of Duty leagues move to YouTube in exclusive Google deal

Ocarina of Time’s weirdest new speedrun trick summons Arwings from Star Fox

World of Warcraft’s story now varies from person to person, for better or worse

Annual Steam sale celebrates the Lunar New Year with red envelopes and rat emojis

Logitech’s newest gaming mouse is pricey, but it’s for a good cause

God of War director explains why games are often ‘ugly’ until the end of development

Epic is changing Fortnite’s physics engine, delaying end of current season

Red Dead Online players on PC are being terrorized by hackers

Housemarque puts its battle royale game Stormdivers on hold

Nioh 2 gets a new story trailer, 3 post-launch DLC packs

Temtem is the MMO for hardcore Pokémon fans thirsty for a real challenge

Rocket League drops Mac and Linux support

Disco Elysium gets a hardcore mode for veterans and risk-takers

Respawn reveals first details for Apex Legends season 4, including a new Legend

M.C. Escher-inspired puzzle game The Bridge is free at the Epic Games Store

Bare-bones Tetris mobile game arrives to replace EA’s departing ones

Nintendo eShop adds Kentucky Route Zero, Oddworld, Sega classic Shinobi, and more

Observer 2 teased by Bloober Team

Disney sells off Marvel Strike Force developer

Modern Warfare’s latest patch adds a crossbow

Tabletop gaming dominated Kickstarter in 2019

The 7 big things we just learned about Half-Life: Alyx

Legends of Runeterra’s first major patch adds ranked mode, prepares for open beta

Ninja Theory teases new ‘experimental’ horror game Project: Mara

Dishonored tabletop game returns to whalepunk role-playing world