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Battlefield 5’s 5v5 competitive mode is ditched

Dota 2 gets another new hero: Void Spirit

Roblox and the Wild West of teenage scammers

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D23 2019 news, updates, trailers and more

Before Tetris 99 popularized battle royale Tetris, there was Jstris

Epic Games has made another attempt to balance Fornite’s controversial mech

Riot settles class-action suit with employees who alleged sexism, discrimination

Elite: Dangerous’ new Fleet Carrier will dock up to 16 ships at a time

How a summer camp is bringing young women into the game industry

Battlefront 2’s next big update delivers a throwback to Republic Commando

Dota 2’s next hero is Snapfire, a grandma with a shotgun

Subdivision Infinity is the space sim for people scared of space sims

We have some questions after seeing Wario shirtless

Sony’s Uncharted movie loses another director

Dragalia Lost event ends with a dragon living her dream as a J-pop idol

NFL player with one hand can make a spectacular one-handed catch in Madden 20

One Punch Man fighting game hilariously solves the problem of its overpowered star

New Nintendo Switch technical analysis backs up better battery life claim

Pokémon Go: The Community Day schedule for the rest of 2019

New Shenmue 3 trailer looks at a day in Ryo’s life

Super Mario Maker 2 level turns World 1-1 on its side

Half Truth attempts to solve the common problem with trivia games

For Honor is free on PC for the next week

Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack trailer reveals Joker, Terminator, and Spawn

Pokémon Go ultra rewards detailed: Shiny Mewtwo, regionals, and Generation 5 in September

League of Legends fans angry over Riot Games’ latest monetization effort

Sega bringing Yakuza 3, 4, and 5 to the West with Yakuza Remastered Collection

Destiny 2’s Gamescom trailer hides Shadowkeep Exotics, Artifact, and map updates

Play retro 8-bit sports in Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020

The latest Sims 4 game pack is basically Hogwarts

Fortnite’s newest patch is about time travel gone wrong

Smash Ultimate’s newest fighter too ‘random’ for some pro players