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Battlefield 5 developers outline changes coming after recent beta

Telltale Games lays off much of its staff, plans studio shutdown (update)

WWE 2K19’s trailer has me wondering what’s a work and what’s a shoot

Our Final Fantasy 7 oral history book is out now

Check out photos of the final book

Fortnite season 6 begins next week, huge XP bonus begins now

Twitch suddenly blocked in China

The 8 best indie games from Tokyo Game Show 2018

Kill la Kill game is another dazzling anime fighter from Arc System Works

The Missing is a platformer that’s all about mutilating yourself to survive

Fortnite has 78.3 million monthly players, according to Epic

Epic has announced the details of Fortnite’s Fall Skirmish

PUBG’s newest patch adds new ranked system to the game

PlayStation Now offers downloading of PS4, PS2 games

With burnout in sight, Final Fantasy composer takes indefinite sick leave

Activision opens up on Black Ops 4’s PS4 timed-exclusive stuff

PS Vita manufacture and shipping ends in 2019, executive says

Nintendo eShop adds Valkyria Chronicles 4, Cities: Skylines and more this week

Red Dead Redemption 2’s easy-to-miss moments are built for Twitch and YouTube

You can play all of Red Dead Redemption 2 in first-person mode

Earth Defense Force: Iron Rain looks fancy but feels very familiar

The Capcom Beat ’Em Up Bundle is a treasure trove of game design know-how

Jump Force will let you create your own custom character

Katamari Damacy Reroll on Switch feels like the original, for better and worse

Resident Evil 2’s new trailer tackles the remake’s big monster problem

See how the PlayStation Classic measures up to the original PlayStation

Devil May Cry 5 TGS trailer shows off Dante gameplay, reveals new playable character

Pokémon Go’s latest third-gen legendary, Deoxys, enters the game

Fortnite’s Loot Lake doesn’t look like you remember it

Nintendo Switch Online’s NES emulator already hacked to allow more games

Destiny 2: Forsaken’s Gambit mode is getting another free trial this weekend

Should you subscribe to Nintendo Switch Online?

Android 17 is Dragon Ball FighterZ’s latest character