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Surprise! You can now watch an episode of the new Love, Death & Robots season for free

New York attorney general investigating Twitch, Discord over Buffalo attack

Ubisoft’s roller derby game gets May 25 release date

Elden Ring mod lets you summon bosses and story NPCs as companions

Cult classic RPG GreedFall gets a sequel to be released in 2024

Blizzard facing potential class-action suit over Hearthstone card packs

First episode of new Pokémon anime series is a thrilling call to adventure

Rick and Morty is getting a new anime spinoff series

Let It Die sequel DeathVerse will get an open beta test in May

Nintendo is the latest target of Saudi Arabia’s gaming investment

Machinarium developer’s next game will be built with stunning 3D dioramas

New She-Hulk trailer flexes muscles, jokes

Popular Yu-Gi-Oh card unbanned after 17 years

Twitch users can finally credit emote artists

Arma 4 announced, but its ‘preview’ game Arma Reforger is out now

Dead by Daylight’s next Killer is a big, bony bogeyman

Dead by Daylight: Hooked on You is the dating sims fans have demanded

A second Resident Evil chapter is coming to Dead by Daylight

Magic: The Gathering’s next D&D set plays more like Dungeons & Dragons

Take a summer trip to Italy in Microsoft Flight Simulator’s new world update

League of Legends’ next Void champion gets a terrifying teaser

Nu metal gods Slipknot join the Smite pantheon

Dying Light studio teases its new fantasy RPG from ex-Witcher developers

Chris Hemsworth runs a futuristic jail in Netflix’s Spiderhead

Mutant Year Zero studio reveals next game, Miasma Chronicles

Star Wars’ next feature film will be from Taika Waititi after Rogue Squadron delays

Jurassic World Evolution 2, Vampire Survivors lead Xbox Game Pass in May

Spider-Man director Jon Watts making a new Star Wars tween adventure for Disney Plus

Star Wars: Andor coming to Disney Plus later this summer

Pokémon Home now compatible with Pokémon Legends: Arceus, Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

A billionaire joins the space race in For All Mankind season 3 trailer

Kerbal Space Program 2 delayed for a third time, now expected in early 2023

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