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Nier Replicant guide: Boar Hunt! quest and fast travel walkthrough

Get a mount to move around faster

Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139… doesn’t have fast travel, but there is a side quest early on — “Boar Hunt!” — that earns you a wild boar mount. It’s pretty challenging, but being able to zip around much faster makes it worth it.

In this Nier Replicant remake guide, we’ll walk you through the “Boar Hunt!” quest, including where to pick up the quest, where to go to find the wild boar, how to defeat it, and how to use your new mount.

Nier Replicant ‘Boar Hunt!’ side quest walkthrough

Nier Replicant Boar Hunt! guide
Boar Hunt! locations.
Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Toylogic/Square Enix via Polygon

In the Village, speak to the old villager sitting on a crate at the northern end of the shopping district — he’s the first person you see on your left as you enter. He’ll tell you to hunt a wild boar in the Northern Plains.

You’ll find the boar in the west of the Northern Plains near the entrance to The Aerie. It hits hard, so be prepared to dodge.

Run behind one of the boulders nearby and wait for the boar to charge. When it crashes into the rock, it’ll daze itself for a few seconds. Dash out, deal as much damage as you can, and then hide behind the rock again. Repeat that process until you kill the boar. You’ll automatically pick up the Boar Tusk item.

Speak to the same villager in the shopping district to get your reward of 1,000 gold.

Call and ride a boar mount

There’s no fast travel in the Nier Replicant remaster, but when you have the Boar Tusk, you’ll be able to summon a wild boar to ride. And this mount is fast.

Whenever you’re outside a village — outside of the Village or The Aerie, for example — you can summon your mount. From your pause menu, choose Orders > Animal > Call.

Climb onto your boar friend, and you can travel much more quickly. You won’t be able to jump, but sprinting works. Your boar will charge through low-level enemies, but you’ll have to watch out for walls — you’ll crash and stun the boar just like in the original fight.

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