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Nier Replicant guide: Earn money fast (and not so fast)

Get gold to buy that shiny new sword

As you play Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139…, you’ll need the in-game currency, gold, to buy things like healing items, new weapons, and weapon upgrades.

In this Nier Replicant remake guide, we’ll tell you the best and fastest ways to make money.

Quests reward a lot of gold

There are 80 side quests across both halves of the Nier Replicant remake. These tend to be quick fetch quests (a few get admittedly lengthy), and most reward you with gold.

Right at the beginning of Nier Replicant, there’s about 10,000 gold worth of side quests available just in your home Village. A little later, you’ll encounter quests with 10,000 gold rewards (and more) each.

And that means the quickest and easiest way to make money is to just do every quest you find. We even have a guide for every side quest in the first half of the remastered Nier Replicant.

Farm mutton to get quick cash early

One early side quest, “Old Fashioned Home Cooking,” asks you to collect 10 mutton for a woman in your village. She’ll give you 1,500 gold when you hand over the meat.

More importantly, she’ll continue to pay you 1,500 gold every time you return with 10 more mutton. It’s not a huge amount of money, but it’s a great way to save up some cash quickly.

Fishing and farming to earn gold

Two other early side quests unlock ways to make even more money: “The Fisherman’s Gambit,” which unlocks fishing (technically, it improves your fishing skill), and “Shopping List,” which unlocks farming.

Certain fish — royal fish caught along the Eastern Road with earthworms — sell for 4,000 gold each. Some flowers sell for over a 1,000 gold each.

The problem with both growing crops and fishing is the amount of time they take — both in terms of in-game investment (fishing) and real-world waiting (farming). To make money fast, you’re much better off finding a side quest to complete.

Don’t sell (most) resources or drops

Selling stuff you pick up as you explore Nier Replicant is tempting, but — like we mentioned in our beginner’s tips — you never know what you might need later on.

Generally speaking, though, drops from shades are safe to sell because they don’t have other uses. The problem is, you won’t get much for them.

More valuable items — things like the drops from robots in the Junk Heap — might earn you a quick profit, but you will likely require dozens of them when you attempt to upgrade your weapons.

That said, if you spend some time farming the robots in the Junk Heap, you can sell off a few of the extras to make quick cash. Dented Metal Boards and Broken Antennas only sell for 150 gold, but a quick trip through just the first floor of the Junk Heap will net you about 30 of them, give or take. Selling those off will earn you somewhere around 5,000 gold for about 20 minutes of effort.

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