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Nier Replicant guide: Find the Royal Compass to get past the sandstorm

Navigate the Desert sandstorm

Nier Replicant use the Royal Compass to navigate the Desert’s sandstorm Image: Toylogic/Square Enix via Polygon

Navigating Nier Replicant ver.1.22474487139…’s Desert is confusing and frustrating. There’s a huge sandstorm that obscures your map (and is full of wolves) that makes it exceedingly easy to get lost.

In this Nier Replicant guide, we’ll tell you where to find the Royal Compass, an item that helps you navigate that sandstorm.

Reach Facade (and then leave)

To traverse Nier Replicant’s pesky sandstorm, you’ll need the Royal Compass. To find it, you’ll need to reach Facade as part Nier Replicant’s main story.

Your first visit to Facade involves a lot of tourism and talking to people. After that, you’ll head into the Barren Temple.

The Royal Compass becomes available sometime after you return from the Barren Temple. It won’t be available right away — you will likely have to leave and return a couple times. Better yet, do a couple side quests while you’re in town.

The Royal Compass

There are two guards outside of the King’s Mansion on the east side of Facade.

Nier Replicant Royal Compass
Collect the Royal Compass from the Masked Soldier at the King’s Mansion.
Graphic: Jeffrey Parkin | Sources: Toylogic/Square Enix via Polygon

After you’ve returned from the Barren Temple (and then left Facade and came back), speak to the Masked Soldier on the right side of the the door.

He’ll hand you the Royal Compass as a thank-you for everything you’ve done. If he doesn’t, try leaving town and coming back. Doing quests for people around town also seems to make it available, specifically “The Littlest Hero.”

With the Royal Compass in hand — just having it in your inventory — your map of the Desert works even in the sandstorm. You’ll still have to deal with the wolves, though.

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