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Dickens’ A Christmas Carol has a Metroidvania sequel in big year for Christmas games

What time does Fortnite’s live event ‘The Big Bang’ start?

There are still plenty of leftover Black Friday gaming deals, turns out

Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom player remakes an entire Godzilla movie in the game 

Waluigi creator reveals scrapped ‘Bad Peach’ designs — behold Wapeach

Fortnite’s Family Guy saga may finally be coming to an end

How to save $35 on Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Fortnite Crew Pack and skin for December 2023

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How to get the Fierce Deity Armor set and Sword in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

The new Overwatch animated short is Saturday morning cartoon goodness

We asked the Cult of the Lamb developers too many questions about its sex update

Kids to Santa: give us V-bucks this Christmas

Overwatch 2’s Mythic skins aren’t living up to their name

Among Us gets cosmetics inspired by big indie games like Undertale and Celeste

Dead by Daylight hits 60M players

How Dead by Daylight devs got Chucky as their new Killer

Regitube is the only Pokémon that matters to me now

You’ll be surprised how many great gaming gifts cost well under $100

Get Super Mario Bros. Wonder for $20 off

Super Mario Bros. Wonder borrows FromSoft’s best idea

Get a Switch OLED for just $290 during Black Friday