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Nintendo Switch pre-orders are now live

The hybrid console will go for $299

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Nintendo Switch pre-orders are now live. Walmart is currently taking pre-orders, along with Best Buy. Pre-orders for certain games, like Splatoon 2 and Super Mario Odyssey, are also live on Amazon. You can also pre-order the console at GameStop and Target.

Prior to the conference, the company announced that limited pre-orders could be placed at Nintendo’s New York store beginning at 9 a.m. ET on Jan. 13. A representative from the store, which is located in Rockefeller Plaza, said they would be taking reservations for a limited quantity of systems.

The Switch was first revealed last October in a promotional video from the company, which showed off how the home console transitioned into a portable device. The first look video didn’t provide too many details, including the hardware’s specs or what the system’s launch titles would be. Nintendo first announced it was releasing a followup to the Wii U in March 2015, then codenamed the Nintendo NX.

The Switch can be played as either a standard, traditional console or on the go as a handheld device. Users can place the Switch on a dock to play it through a television, and when the console is removed for portable playing, the game will reportedly pick up right where the player left off. Like the 3DS, Nintendo’s line of portable consoles, the Switch will use cartridges called game cards. The company previously confirmed, however, that 3DS cartridges will not be compatible with the cartridge slot on the Switch. As a result, players won’t be able to play their 3DS games on the Switch.

Nintendo confirmed during its press conference that the Switch will go on sale on March 3. It will be priced at $299.

Polygon will update as more retailers start opening pre-orders.

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