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All the accessories for the Nintendo Switch

These controllers are not cheap

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Nintendo has announced the lineup of peripherals for the new Switch console ahead of its March 3 launch. Details include pricing for the Joy-Con and the Pro Controllers.

Nintendo Switch extra Joy-Con pair Nintendo

The new Joy-Con controllers will be sold in pairs of right and left units for $79.99. The set will include two Joy-Con Straps, which include larger L and R buttons and a wrist lanyard. Colors include gray, red, blue and a mixed red and blue set.

Individual right or left Joy-Con controllers will be sold for $49.99.

The Pro Controller, which appears to be a larger, more robust version of the current Pro Controller for the Wii U, will be $69.99.

The Joy-Con Charging Grip, which allows two Joy-Con to be combined to create a single, larger controller will be $29.99. An extra Nintendo Switch Dock Set, which includes an AC adapter and HDMI cable, is $89.99.


Finally, there’s a set of two Joy-Con Wheels perfect for playing Mario Kart 8 Deluxe available for $14.99.

Press materials show Joy-Con Straps packaged for individual sale, but they’re not available on Nintendo’s website at this time.

No retailers are listed for any of the items, and no availability is being given.

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Nintendo Switch

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