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Ready for the Nintendo Switch’s killer app? Let’s milk some cows

Don’t tell US the lineup isn’t strong

1 2 Switch cowboy screenshot 1280 Nintendo

So what kind of new gaming experiences will be open to us now that the Nintendo Switch is nearing release. Exploring Hyrule is just one idea, but who hasn’t ever wanted to ... milk a cow?

There is a minigame in the upcoming 1-2-Switch that takes full advantage of the motion sensing technology and the social features of the Joy-Con controller to provide you and a friend the ability to simulate what it would be like to milk a cow with a good friend right there. Hopefully not making eye contact.

Oh what the living ...
Nintendo via Polygon

I mean, the fantasy of hanging out with my farmer friends who are also gently teasing the milk out of the udders of the waiting cows is something we all share. This is going to be the must-have game to buy alongside your Nintendo Switch if you really want to see what the system is capable of.

You can keep your “Zeldas” and your “Mario Karts” or whatever other BS they’re going to try to sell you with the Switch. I’ll be over here milking these sweet, loving cows.

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