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Live-action Super Mario Odyssey trailer makes Mario a Broadway star


Super Mario Odyssey has the potential to be one of this year’s cutest games, and its live-action trailer proves why.

Unlike past Super Mario Odyssey trailers, which focused on gameplay footage and adorable transformations that Mario could perform with the help of his hat Cappy, this one brings Mario into the real world. Standing tall (or as tall as he can) alongside other city-dwelling dancers, Mario takes over the fictional New Donk City while Pauline sings the game’s theme track, “Jump Up, Super Star!”

The trailer doesn’t have much new gameplay — with the exception of the adorable dinosaur sporting glasses, seen below — but that doesn’t really matter when Mario is twisting and jumping his way through New Donk City.

Super Mario Odyssey dinosaur
Mario has transformed into another dinosaur in the new trailer for Super Mario Odyssey.

The trailer takes place during the “New Donk City Festival,” and while it’s unclear if that’s a festival in the game, we’re now hoping that it’s included.

Super Mario Odyssey will be released on Oct. 27 for Nintendo Switch. Watch 10 minutes of gameplay in the video below.

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