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FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch has some bizarre glitches

Blocky Minecraft-like players and test-pattern faces afflict some teams

FIFA 18 players on the Nintendo Switch have spotted some glitches that don’t seem to be widespread but do turn the game into a bizarre-looking match.

One way or another the game is not grabbing textures for the players. In one form of the glitch, found by user boldverine on the FIFA subreddit, they (and the ball) are reduced to blocky hit boxes. In another, they appear shaped more normally, but still as total shadows.

In another glitch spied by Kotaku, some players are rendered with what appears to be a checkerboard test pattern for their faces. This extends beyond gameplay, into menus, pregame cutscenes and other areas of the game.

Commenters speculate that the glitch affects some teams more than others.

FIFA 18 launched on Sept. 29 for multiple platforms, including the Switch, where it has fewer features than its PlayStation 4, Windows PC and Xbox One counterparts. (In terms of gameplay, our hands-on said it played surprisingly well. Our review of FIFA 18 covered the PS4, PC and Xbox One versions.) Users in the Reddit thread seem to be taking this glitch in good humor. “Other than this i'm loving the game,” said boldverine.

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