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Unlocking the Nintendo Switch comes with an Easter egg

Nintendo fans love them sounds

Most people are aware of the main sound effect associated with the Nintendo Switch, but the console contains a plethora of strange audio arrangements if you spend enough time playing around with it.

A perfect example occurs when the Switch is being played in either its portable or tabletop mode. Or, simply put, when it’s not sitting in the dock and plugged into the back of a TV. When going from sleep mode to active, the Switch will ask players to press the same button three times. It doesn’t specify what button that is, and as Nintendo Life discovered, if you choose the ZL or ZR buttons on the top of the Joy-Con controllers, you’ll get an entirely different sound effect than using any of the standard face buttons.

The standard sound, as pointed out in the video, isn’t very interesting. It sounds like a normal button being pressed. The ZL button doesn’t sound too much different — it’s comparable to lightly tapping on a drum kit’s cymbal — but the ZR button is a hoot. As you can hear in the video, it’s comparable to a bike horn.

The sounds don’t alter anything on the actual load screen; any button pressed will let you start playing with the system while portable. It is, however, another example of the tidbits Nintendo has included on the Switch.

The Switch, which we called impressive but suffering from hardware issues in our pre-review, will be released on March 3. If you haven’t pre-ordered a console yet and want to pick one up on launch day, be sure to check out which stores will be carrying it. The Switch will cost $299.

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