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How to set up your Nintendo Switch (update)

This is what your first-day experience will be like

Update: The day one patch has arrived, and it has brought friend codes with it. At least it installs quickly.

Nintendo has released a video that explains exactly how you to set up your Switch and, while there aren’t many surprises to be seen, the official video is a pretty good introduction on what to expect the first time you boot up the system.

Plus, the menu sounds when you select different options are so satisfying. The actual “click” of the Nintendo Switch’s interface may be one of the best things about its design so far.

It’s also interesting that you can completely set the system up without attaching it to a television at all; that’s an option you try during the initial setup, or save for later. The video also gives you a realistic idea of what it’s like to go from the portable configuration of the console to sliding the screen into the dock and moving into television mode. We knew there would be a slight pause, but there’s something so soothing about how Nintendo itself shows off the process.

Remember, the games don’t need to install before you’re playing, which means the Switch will be able to go from “unboxing” to “actually playing a game” in very little time at all. This video is short, but it’s a nice preview of your first few minutes of the console if you decide to pick one up this Friday.

You can read our early thoughts on the hardware as well, and we’re hoping Nintendo makes an official statement about the status of the controller issue very soon. If you haven’t already preordered a system, check out our quick guide to maximizing your chances of finding one this Friday.

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