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Troublesome Nintendo Switch Docks spawn cottage industry

Introducing the bespoke Dock Sock

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SwitchStitchCo on Etsy.
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The industrious community on Etsy will take any opportunity to fill a perceived need, and friends do we ever need the Dock Sock.

The Nintendo Switch is not even a month old, and already reports are coming in that the new console has a potentially serious flaw. Some new owners say that their Switches are arriving with a warped dock, which could potentially scratch the screen. That’s contributed to a shortage of dock kits just about everywhere. Of course, just putting the console in the wrong way could do the same thing.

“L Themed”
TinckoyMakesitSew on Etsy.

That’s why you may want to look into the Dock Sock. Yes, these handmade covers are custom tailored to cover the ugly edges of your Dock. Made in microfiber, fleece and several other mostly organic materials, they’re just the thing for preventing that dastardly ding. And, wouldn’t you know it, they’re also available with a number of creative patterns that are unlikely to be appropriately licensed for commercial resale.

A search on Etsy right now for “dock sock” returns four pages of hits. One seller has even branded themselves “Home of the Original Dock Sock,” but whether or not they’ve got that distinction locked down is up for debate.

Designs available in the wild right now include Mario and Link of course, no doubt plucked from patterns on sale at fabric stores and online. There’s also Donkey Kong and Luigi. But I think we can all agree though that the correct choice is Kirby. Just look at that chubby little bugger, will ya?

Canle Creations on Etsy.

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