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Watch a man conduct one of the first Nintendo Switch drop tests

This may be hard to get through

If you’re wondering how many times you can drop your Nintendo Switch before it breaks, the answer seems to be 11.

YouTube user GizmoSlip took his brand new Switch out to a parking lot and conducted a series of drop tests to see how durable Nintendo’s new system was. As it turned out, the system was able to withstand 11, five-foot drops onto concrete pavement before biting the dust. The console was dropped multiple ways, including face down, face up and vertically, with the goal to figure out which way would be most detrimental to the unit.

GizmoSlip noted that although the screen took a beating in terms of scratches along the bottom, it never actually cracked. Throughout the video, GizmoSlip turns the video to the camera to prove The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild continued to play even after being dropped multiple times.

It isn’t until the very end of the video that GizmoSlip notices the screen separates slightly from the console. He confirmed the console would refuse to turn back on after the eleventh video, but added it was an impressive feat for a system so heavily reliant on its screen.

“That is very impressive,” GizmoSlip says after the eleventh drop. “If you drop your device 11 times from five feet on concrete, you are very clumsy.”

If you want to pick up your own Switch — either for dropping or playing purposes — the console is currently on sale for $299. Still on the fence? Be sure to check out our review. Collected below is every drop from the video in GIF form. If you were looking for something to break your heart today, this might just do it.

Nintendo Switch drops

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Attempt #3

Attempt #4

Attempt #5

Attempt #6

Attempt #7

Attempt #8

Attempt #9

Attempt #10

And finally, attempt #11

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