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Fantasy Strike fighting game is heading to Switch

Releasing this summer

Fantasy Strike - Grave vs. Rook Sirlin Games

Fantasy Strike, a fighting game that uses unique gameplay styles and elements, is coming to the Switch this summer.

Nintendo debuted a look at the game during its Nindies presentation earlier today. The game looks like a typical fighting game, with players fighting one-on-one and using unique skills to defeat their opponent. The difference between this and Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat, for example, is the weapons that players will be using. They can harness paint or time itself to defeat their enemies.

Nintendo described the game as more of a strategy fighter game than a button-mashing title. That means players will have to learn how to wield their skills to out maneuver their opponents by using strange and interesting weapons. The game will allow for single-player, local multiplayer and online matches.

Fantasy Strike does not have a release date yet, but expect more news ahead of its summer launch. The game launched on Steam Early Access last September.

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