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West of Loathing coming to Switch a console exclusive this spring

“More than 50 hats and liberal use of the oxford comma”

West of Loathing - Horsery Asymmetric

Quirky stick figure RPG West of Loathing is coming to the Nintendo Switch. As revealed on Nintendo’s Nindies Showcase live stream, the port will be a console exclusive.

One of our favorites games from last year, developer Asymmetric’s West of Loathing takes the RPG template created by the original Fallout games — including weird random encounters with weird, very memorable characters — and ups the humor in a big way. As we said in our review, the game “takes a stock-standard genre setup and then adds joke after joke until the conventions teeter and fall over like a badly balanced Jenga tower.” West of Loathing is a single-player RPG in the style of the developer’s long-running MMO Kingdom of Loathing, but based in a bizarro western world.

No word on if this release will be any different than the original Mac and Windows PC title, which came out this past August; the Nindies showcase stream only teased “more than 50 hats to collect and liberal use of the Oxford comma.”