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Nintendo Labo’s best accessories are only in Japan

Ladies and gentlemen, Nintendo presents … masking tape

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One of the perks of Nintendo Labo, both from a manufacturing perspective and a consumer perspective, is that it’s basically disposable. If one of the cardboard toys breaks, just trace out another one or buy the nominally-priced sheet of perforated cardboard online. But because they’re so inexpensive, that also opens up the possibility to customize them on the cheap. That’s why Nintendo has a line of its own line of boutique masking tape.

Yes, decorative masking tape.

The Nintendo-branded tape was announced earlier this year, and a Customization Kit with two rolls of tape is available in the U.S. But now that the Labo is out in the wild, additional rolls of the tape are starting to ... roll out. The branded tape comes in 10 flavors, including many classic Nintendo characters. Most notable is the camouflage tape, where the individual olive drab and sand-colored patches are actually silhouettes of Super Mario and his friends.

We dialed up the Nintendo store in New York, and they have no idea when these products are making it to the United States. Right now, the only place to get the fancy tape is in Japan, where it’s piled up on store shelves alongside the Labo kits themselves. They run about 540 yen each, or the equivalent of $5.

If you’re interested, the tape is available on Japanese Amazon. The complete set of 10 rolls goes for the equivalent of $25, minus the shipping. Otherwise, some industrious entrepreneurs are selling them bootleg. The going rate seems to be about $25 per two-pack box.

Does the tape work? We’re not sure yet, but the chances are good that it does. The only Amazon review right now is a bit tongue-in-cheek.

“I’ll never go back to stapler or paperclips for my hot glue needs!” said Mawingu21. “Labo was finally able to put a price on happiness.”

Anyone that’s into scrapbooking can also tell you that a similar product, called washi tape, is widely available at the local Michael’s or Jo-Ann Fabrics, minus the Nintendo artwork. Now get decorating!

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