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The tips and tools you need to make a speedrun of Super Mario Odyssey

It’s all about reaching your personal best

Owen S. Good is a longtime veteran of video games writing, well known for his coverage of sports and racing games.

Super Mario Odyssey is the most speedrun game (by active players) on In the Any% category, someone just today submitted a time of four hours, 19 minutes — which is three hours and 17 minutes slower than the world record. In other words, this is an all-comers event, no barrier to participation. So, here’s a guide to the best methods for running the game — whether that’s to set your personal best or take a shot at an elite time.

The video is by Smallant1, who has, since his video was published in February, hit a personal best of 1:05:43 — good for No. 22 on the leaderboard (as of today). So he knows what he’s talking about. The video is full of jargon and technicalities but anyone who has put a few hours into the game should be able to pick up the instruction.

Mainly, it’s about jump height and momentum, and how movement combinations optimize both. The video is a service if for no reason other than it lifts the veil on the techniques that top speedrunners depend on. Often we see an impressive speedrun video, but have no context for how it was accomplished. So while this video doesn’t break down a record run, specifically, it at least describes the essential tools for reaching one.

Super Mario Odyssey launched in late October and is slated for a bonus event at Summer Games Done Quick, to be run by NicroVeda, the reigning world-record holder in the Any% category.

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