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Mineko’s Night Market, Nintendo Switch’s next great cat game, arrives in 2019

OK, it’s not just cats

Mineko’s Night Market, an adorable looking game chockfull of cats, will make its console debut on the Nintendo Switch next year.

Announced during Nintendo’s “Nindies” event on Tuesday, the game will make its console debut on Switch in early 2019. Mineko’s Night Market tells the story of Mineko, a “curious girl” who has recently arrived at her new home in Japan. Mineko learns about a mythical cat, Abe, the locals are obsessed with — but Abe may not be as mythical as people believe.

The game has more than 20 hours of story content, according to Nintendo, along with a series of quests to embark on, diverse villagers to interact with and activities (like sewing and woodworking) to master. Mineko can use her craft skills to create items that can be sold at the nightly market.

Mineko’s Night Market was first announced in 2017, but Nintendo revealed the game would arrive on Nintendo Switch during its Indie World showcase in Japan earlier this year. Mineko’s Night Market was originally slated to be released this year, but today’s Nindies event confirmed it won’t be available until next year.

Mineko’s Night Market is also slated to hit Steam in 2019 according to the developer’s website. The game is being published by Humble Bundle.

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