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BoxBoy and BoxGirl announced for Nintendo Switch

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Introducing ... BoxGirl!

BoxBoy is coming to Nintendo Switch for the first time. The critically acclaimed puzzle platformer originally debuted on Nintendo 3DS. Starring a box-shaped hero, the game focuses on unloading boxes to complete various puzzles.

The Nintendo Switch title introduces a second character — BoxGirl! Two players can complete puzzles together and take on the stages in order to restore peace on the box planet. With the debut of BoxGirl, the new title needs a revamp: BoxBoy and BoxGirl After completing all the puzzles, players will be able to play as a tall box named Qudy, a name players might recognize from the first BoxBoy title.

Boxboy and Boxgirl will have 270 stages with totally new puzzles, the most stages in a BoxBoy title ever. It will be the fourth entry in the BoxBoy series. Previous titles include BoxBoxBoy and Bye-Bye BoxBoy, both for Nintendo 3DS.

The game debuts on April 26.