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Yet another cool thing about Astral Chain: Trick shots with tin cans

Recycle cans with flair

Among Astral Chain’s many eccentricities is the ability to recycle litter. It incentivizes you with a little bit of in-game cash to drop an empty can into the proper bin. One adept player (probably others, too!) has turned this into a cool-ass metagame: Trick shots!

Behold, in perfect Dude Perfect style, YukinoSan binning cans from across the street, from the staircase, from a roof into the alley, bounce shots, bank shots and even conjuring up a Legion to give it some massé. Haters gon’ say it’s fake!

I haven’t played PlatinumGames’ action exclusive for Switch yet, so I may be getting some things wrong about the gameplay, but whipping out your Legion partner appears to put things in slo-mo, enhancing the coolness of the tricks. Though at 1:05, YukinoSan teams up with a Legion to deflect the can into the bucket. YukinoSan may be taking advantage of some generous hit boxes, but I’d still like to see Steph Curry do anything remotely resembling this (such as summoning an ethereal Draymond Green to stick the putback).

A YouTube search for “astral chain trick shots” only turns up YukinoSan’s vid so far; expect more, for sure. Astral Chain launched just over a week ago on Switch. We dug it, giving it a Polygon Recommends badge for being “an action game for everybody that provides an escape to a world on fire, where good people can do right.”

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