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The Outer Worlds comes to Nintendo Switch in March

DLC for all platforms still on the way later

A spacecraft lifts off the surface of an alien world, with a large, ringed moon on the horizon. Image: Obsidian Entertainment/Private Division

The Outer Worlds will launch on Nintendo Switch on March 6, Obsidian Entertainment announced today.

The game will ship an in-store version (a box with a code to download the game) and will be available from the Nintendo eShop. Both will cost $59.99. Virtuos Games is handling the port. The developer previously delivered L.A. Noire for the Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of publisher Private Division, told investors in November that The Outer Worlds would launch on Switch early this year. The original release debuted Oct. 25 on PS4, Windows PC and Xbox One.

Though comparatively brief for an Obsidian role-playing game, The Outer Worlds is still a critical success, earning multiple nominations at the Game Critics Awards (where it won Best Original Game) and The Game Awards 2019. It was No. 7 on Polygon’s list of the 50 best games of 2019.

In December, Obsidian announced that The Outer Worlds would receive campaign-extension downloadable content sometime this year. The studio didn’t give any specific date or window for the new story DLC, or whether it would be free or premium.

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