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How does Carrion run on Nintendo Switch?

In space, no one can hear you be a tentacle monster

The monster skulks around the lab Image: Phobia Game Studio/Devolver Digital via Polygon

The Nintendo Switch sees a steady stream of games that are ported from other more powerful platforms, like the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

But Nintendo Switch lacks the graphical horsepower of those other platforms, so concessions must frequently be made to get the game running. Because of these concessions, a great game on one might be an absolute disaster on the Nintendo Switch. Or, in the best-case scenarios, the core strengths of the game are able to transfer over, despite the graphical or performance hit.

Today we’re looking at the Switch version of Carrion.

What is Carrion?

Players control an unnamed monster as it wreaks havoc in a futuristic military base. If you’re familiar with John Carpenter’s The Thing? Same idea, but from the point of view of the monster, rather than the terrified roughnecks.

The monster gains new powers, like invisibility and sticky web projectiles, that allow it to further dominate the poor humans as it grows ever larger.

What’s the biggest difference between the Switch version and other platforms?

There is no discernible difference between other versions of Carrion (PC and Xbox One) and the Switch version. Thanks to a 2D, SNES era-inspired art style, the game isn’t much of a hardware lift, so the Switch version runs at a buttery smooth 60 fps.

The art style is intentionally blocky and pixelated, which means that running at an ultra-high resolution isn’t necessary to pull out the small details that bring the game to life. The 720p resolution on the Switch’s handheld mode is more than enough to handle what this game is putting down, but playing it when docked, on a nice TV, will make the game’s muted color palette pop a bit more. That being said, there’s no bad choice between portable and docked.

Is the Nintendo Switch version worth your time?

If you just want to know if the Switch version will give you the full experience, the quick answer is yes.

That said, if you happen to subscribe to Xbox Game Pass, Carrion will be included on that service right at launch, so if you’re looking to save some money (and don’t mind sacrificing the portability of the Switch), it’s worth considering going that route. But any Switch players who pick this one up to play on the go won’t be remotely disappointed in the port.

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