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Dragon Quest VII to get 3DS remake in late winter

The biggest news of the Japanese game scene this week comes to us courtesy of the latest issue of Shonen Jump magazine. The latest issue revealed that Square Enix is working on a remake of Dragon Quest VII, originally released on the PlayStation in 2000, for the Nintendo 3DS.

The remake is set to feature full 3D graphics (the PS1 original had 2D sprites on a 3D game world), as well as a StreetPass feature that allows you to trade "special tablets" with fellow gamers. Details are still murky about the nature of these special tablets, which are exclusive to this remake.

Originally titled Dragon Warrior VII upon its English-language release in late 2001, DQVII tells the story of a young fisherman's son on an isolated island who is sent on a quest to recover mysterious stone tablets and literally rebuild the world around him. The game sold over 4.1 million copies worldwide, mostly in Japan, and is well-known for its extensive job system and extremely long length (an average playthrough can take 100 hours or longer).

The 3DS remake of DQVII is due out Feb. 2013 in Japan; no overseas release has been announced.

UPDATE: Famitsu reports that the remake is coming out Feb. 7 in Japan and will feature a soundtrack recorded by the Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra. A Japanese teaser site is also online now.

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