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Is the NES Classic worth it?

A quick question, answered

NES Classic - front/top angle view Samit Sarkar/Polygon

The NES Classic is absolutely worth it.

The system retails for $59.99 and sold out of the initial batches nearly instantly. With 30 games included in the system, that means you’re paying $2 per game ... and that’s before you factor in the value of the hardware itself.

Our review has you covered if you want more information, but here’s a summation:

So while purists may balk at the input lag, and fans might object to the absence of some key games (METAL GEAR!?) and just about everyone can shake their head in disbelief at the comically short controller cable, Nintendo has also introduced the best retro console-in-a-box on the market — and if sales enthusiasm is any indication, it’s provided a whole new way for younger players to learn why Nintendo remains synonymous with video games for grandparents everywhere.

There’s a reason these things are selling out so quickly, and that reason is that they’re fun to play with, include a great selection of some of the NES’ best games, and they even look neat; resembling a shrunken down NES system.

You can read more about why people like them so much, or watch our video below for more information.

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