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Is there a wireless NES Classic controller?

A common question, answered

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NES Classic photos Samit Sarkar/Polygon

Nintendo does not sell an official wireless controller for the NES Classic, although there are wireless controllers from third-parties you can purchase.

The NES Classic comes with a single wired controller, and it has a very short cable, but you have a few options if you decide to go wireless:

You can also purchase an extension cable for the controller if you’d like to sit a bit further away from the television.

Our review of the NES Classic said the following:

It’s painful to use a wireless version of the NES controller when 8bitdo’s NES "Retro Receiver" brought Bluetooth compatibility to the original NES earlier this year. This is surely a cost-related decision and, if Nintendo wanted to hit $60, wireless controllers were surely out of the picture.

Here are other common questions about the NES Classic, and if you’re still on the fence you can read our full review.

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