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PSA: Nintendo closing DSi Shop this week

Last chance to buy anything, if you still have points

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This is the final week the Nintendo DSi Shop will be open. Nintendo announced its closure a year ago.

The store closes March 31. That is the last day anyone with any DSi points remaining may make purchases with the currency. The ability to redownload titles purchased from the DSi Shop remains active; in the original announcement, Nintendo said that would be retired as well, but gave no specific timetable for it.

DSiWare is still usable provided the user does not delete their DSi Shop Account. It is also transferrable to a device in the 3DS family, which is served by the Nintendo eShop. Nintendo reminded users that most DSiWare titles are available in the Nintendo eShop as well.

The DSi Shop debuted with the DSi and DSi XL in 2009. It was the last clamshell, non-3D model of the handheld, replaced by the Nintendo 3DS in 2011. Over the past eight years more than 500 titles were added to the DSi Shop's library.

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