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Nintendo has released a very bad Mario puzzle

Why would they do this to us?

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Super Mario Odyssey - Mario jumping to celebrate Nintendo

I would panic if someone gave me the job of designing puzzles based on Nintendo characters.

The responsibility would be enormous. Nintendo is a company that has created some of the most iconic characters and scenes not only in gaming, but pop culture in general. Where would you even start when it comes to choosing an image to adorn this product?

This puzzle was created by USAopoly, but someone at Nintendo likely had to sign off on it. And that person did not like you. Here it is, in all its glory:

There were some doubts that this was an actual product. Who the hell would create a puzzle with that much red? That design isn’t a relaxing activity, it’s a punishment for some sin from your past. But yes, it’s very real.

“Everyone's favorite video character of all-time comes to life in this beautifully colorful 1000-piece puzzle,” the official description states. “Piece together a playful close-up image of Mario and add this to your Super Mario puzzle collection.” The puzzle is one thousand pieces. One thousand pieces of regret.

I rated the product, and I believe I was the first to do so:


This isn’t even the only puzzle the company has released that seems designed to drive you bonkers with large areas of a single color.


The company knows how to make actual, non-punitive puzzles, so why the bad design on the Nintendo offerings? The world may never know.

The red Mario puzzle is currently on sale for $9.99, just in case you decide that you dislike yourself and would like to spend hours putting together a whole lot of red.

Good luck.

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