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Cities: Skylines is available today on Nintendo Switch

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Two popular DLCs will be included

Cities: Skylines on Nintendo Switch Nintendo

Cities: Skylines, the hit city-building sandbox game from Colossal Order and Paradox Interactive, is out on the Nintendo Switch eShop today.

The game was originally available on Linux, Mac and PC, before releasing to Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Like a typical city management game, Cities: Skylines focuses on many different aspects of city-building and urban planning, but is notable for including day-to-day urban occurrences, such as traffic congestion. Though the SimCity series had previously held a monopoly on the genre, Cities: Skylines rocketed to success after the 2013 SimCity game’s failure. As of March 2018, Cities: Skylines had sold over five million copies on PC alone.

Two of the most popular DLC packs After Dark and Snowfall are included in the Switch version. After Dark focuses on nightlife and entertaining the citizens of the city, adding buildings like casinos and luxury hotels, while Snowfall adds snow and other winter-themed elements, as well as street cars.