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New Super Mario Bros. U fan tries to run it without touching a coin

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Can it be done? That’s a rhetorical question, of course.

Is it possible to complete New Super Mario Bros. without touching a single coin? Well, we’re not going to spoil Ceave Gaming’s work — which looks like it took weeks — by giving that answer up front. Watch the video.

But know that this assiduous breakdown of how to do the unthinkable, if not impossible, is going to convince you that you know the answer early on, and then completely stand that assumption on its head. Surely someone who has played this game is already thinking of a stage where getting through coin-less is impossible. And just as surely, Ceave Gaming’s going to take that on. So watch all the way through.

Ceave Gaming deploys every trick in the book to try to do the coinless run. The Acorn Suit figures prominently, as do Mini Mushrooms and Baby Pink Yoshi’s inflatable helicopter power. Much of the work is in simply playing through the game to identify the world route that involves the least “dangerous” (for coin collection) levels.

That’s fine, as this is one of Ceave’s favorite games, one revisited every few months to find some new way of defeating it. And with Thursday’s announcement, he’ll be delighted to know he can carry on his novelty runs on the Nintendo Switch. New Super Mario Bros. U is launching for that on Jan. 11. Who knows if Peachette will present any newer way of accomplishing the impossible.