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Kirby’s Avalanche and an obscure NES game come to Nintendo Switch Online

Fortnite’s Zero Build mode finally pulled me in, and now I can’t escape

Dragon Ball’s take on the Dead by Daylight formula is out in October, and here’s Frieza

Live A Live’s characters can’t hold the weight of its time-hopping story

Minecraft team says NFTs and blockchain are, well, blocked

It may be too hot to play your Switch or Steam Deck on the go

Why you keep seeing famous anime in your favorite games

MultiVersus beta launches, here’s how to get in

Apex Legends leans into anime and VTubers with new event

Mario Strikers: Battle League adds the superior princess in first free DLC

The Crisis Core remaster may add a new wrinkle to the FF7 Remake trilogy

Warframe sends players down a time-loop rabbit hole in its next expansions

Fall Guys players report rampant accidental microtransaction purchases

Pokémon Unite’s first anniversary brings freebie characters and Glaceon

Yars: Recharged is Atari’s latest 50th anniversary surprise

Nintendo buys animation studio, forms Nintendo Pictures

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