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Nioh 2 Shrine menus guide

Everything you can do at Shrines

Nioh 2 Shrine menu Image: Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

Like most parts of Nioh 2, you have a lot of choices and menus (within menus) when you visit a Shrine. There are a few things that happen automatically when you Pray at a Shrine: your health is restored, your consumables are replenished from your storehouse, and any Soul Cores you picked up are Purified.

But you have eight other options at Shrines, displayed as a ring of tags. In this guide, we’ll talk about all eight options at Nioh 2’s Shrines.

Manage Soul Cores

Manage Soul Cores is where you’ll, unsurprisingly, manage your Soul Cores. For all of the details, read our extensive Nioh 2 Soul Cores guide. You have three options in the Manage Soul Cores menu:

  • Attune Soul Core is where you’ll swap out the Soul Cores (and their associated Yokai Abilities) you have Attuned to your Guardian Spirits.
  • Soul Fusion is a method to combine similar Soul Cores to improve their Soul Core Rank and make them stronger.
  • Resting Rites is a method for converting Soul Cores into Soul Fragments. With enough Soul Fragments, you’ll earn Shiftling Skill Points.

Call Back / Change Guardian Spirit

This is where you’ll change the Guardian Spirit you have Imbued (if you have multiple to choose from). You’ll also see each Guardian Spirit’s stats and Protections.

If you’ve recently died (and, let’s face it, you probably have), and your Guardian Spirit is waiting for you where you fell, this option will become Call Back. This will recall your Guardian Spirit to you but sacrifice any Amrita you gathered.

Level Up

As you probably suspect, this is where you’ll Level Up your character’s abilities. You’ll need Amrita to level up, and the amount you’ll need increases with every level.

Make Offering

There are three options under this menu.

  • Make an Offering. You’ll be picking up a constant flow of loot — weapons, armor, consumables, and more — most of which you’ll never use. With this option, you’ll convert all that junk you pick up into Divine Rice (and the occasional gift).
  • Receive Kodama Blessing. As you find wayward Kodama in the world, they’ll head to the Shrines. With this option, you’ll pick up a buff to drop rates with a small gold donation. What Blessings are available and their strength depends on how many lost Kodama you’ve found.
  • Ready Jutsu. Where you’ll prepare certain consumables like Shuriken, Smoke Balls, or Purification Talismans. You’ll be able to change which ones and their quantities here.


Boons is a pretty simple option that checks for any available DLC.

Summon Visitor

Summon Visitor lets you offer Ochoko Cups and invite another player into your game for help. This is different from the blue Benevolent Graves — those summon an AI version of players who have dropped Righteous Jasper.

You’ll have options here to determine if you’re summoning a random player, someone who knows your Secret Word, or someone on your Friends list. Based on our testing, to join your game, the person you’re summoning must be looking at the same area of the map you’re in.

The Eighth Option

The eighth option at a Shrine hasn’t unlocked for us yet. If it’s anything like the first Nioh, this won’t unlock until you complete your first playthrough.

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