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Nioh 2 guide: Ochoko Cups, explained

Where to get more and what they’re good for

Nioh 2 Ochoko Cup Image: Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
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In Nioh 2, you don’t have to go it alone. You’ve got options for recruiting help and challenging hostile ghosts of other players (for fun and profit).

To get that help, you’ll need Ochoko Cups. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to use Ochoko Cups and where you can get more.

What Ochoko Cups are and how to use them

Ochoko Cups are sake cups for making offerings at Shrines. Ochoko Cups allow you to Request Assistance from blue Benevolent Graves or Summon Visitors. Having this help — either an AI or a human player — can make even the toughest fights a lot more manageable.

Benevolent Graves

Nioh 2 benevolent grave Image: Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

You’ll see blue Benevolent Graves all over as long as you’re online (you can make sure you’re playing online at a Shrine). Stand next to a Benevolent Grave, and hold down Circle to summon an AI version of another player. You’ll see how many Ochoko Cups it will cost to get their help when you stand next to the grave — those Ochoko Cups will be removed from your inventory when they appear. Your new helper will fight by your side until they are killed. They’re not the smartest or most strategic fighters, but they’ll deal some damage and will, at the very least, distract your enemies.

Summon Visitor (multiplayer)

Nioh 2 multiplayer, in which you summoning other players to your game, is a little more complicated.

At a Shrine, choose the Summon Visitor option. You’ll need to choose the number of Ochoko Cups to offer — one for each visitor you want to invite.

A summoned player appears behind you at a Shrine, and they’ll (hopefully) help you fight your way past where you’re stuck. These human players tend to be more helpful than AI-controlled visitors because, before you can summon someone, they must have have completed the level you’re summoning them into.

Where to get more Ochoko Cups

Nioh 2 red grave
Fight Revenants from red graves to get more Ochoko Cups.
Image: Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

To keep getting help, you’ll need a pretty steady supply of Ochoko Cups. There are a few ways to get more:

  • Buy them from the Kodama Bazaar at a Shrine (under the Make Offering tab). They’ll cost you two Divine Rice each.
  • Fight Revenants from red graves. Defeating one will not only get you some of their gear, but at least one Ochoko Cup. If you’re having trouble finding any that are easy to defeat, revisit earlier levels to find some weaker revenants.

You’ll also get Ochoko Cups when you help others:

  • From the world map, choose Starting Point, and then Torii Gate. This will take you to a player who is Summoning a Visitor (above). Help them out, and you’ll get some Ochoko Cups as a reward. Or you can use the
  • Use the Righteous Jasper item to create your own blue Benevolent Grave. If a player summons you(r ghost), you’ll receive rewards — among them, Ochoko Cups.
Nioh 2 benevolent grave ochoko cup reward Image: Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon

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