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Nioh 2 guide: Summoning visitors for multiplayer

How to ask for some much-needed help

Nioh 2 multiplayer guide Image: Team Ninja/Koei Tecmo, Sony Interactive Entertainment via Polygon
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Simply put, Nioh 2 is difficult. Happily, you don’t always have to play alone.

Throughout the game, you can call on an AI helper at any of those blue Benevolent Graves. They’re not the brightest, though, so their usefulness is often limited. Actual human players are much more helpful.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the complicated way to play Nioh 2 multiplayer with human allies. There are two sides to playing together — the summoner who uses the Summon Visitor menu at a Shrine, and the summonee who uses the Torii Gate menu from the Starting Point menu of the world map.

Summon Visitor

To Summon a human Visitor to your game, head to a Shrine. There, choose the Summon Visitor tab.

You’ll have a few options. If you choose Change Settings, you’ll decide on the restrictions to who gets summoned to your side.

  • No means there are no restrictions.
  • Secret Word allows you to set a simple password. Share it with the person you want to summon.
  • Friends will only look for help from your friends list.

The summoner also chooses how many Ochoko Cups to offer — one for each human visitor you’re requesting. After that, wait until your help appears. When they appear, you’ll get a message in the top right of your screen saying “You invoked the Visitor.”

Torii Gate

If you want to help someone else, start from the world map. Choose the Starting Point and then Torii Gate. You’ll have two options:

  • Expeditions, where you’ll cooperate with other players to complete a mission. This game mode has slightly different rules. You’re able to revive fallen allies, for example.
  • Random Encounters take you to a person offering Ochoko Cups at a Shrine (which we detailed above).

Both of these options at the Torii Gate let you choose from various rules and filters that control who you get paired with, just like the options when you offer cups at a Shrine.

You’ll only be able to play Expeditions or Random Encounters for missions you’ve already completed.

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