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Skill customization in Nioh

Make William your William

While you were playing Nioh, you may have noticed that all those skills you’ve been adding with samurai skill points use a lot of the same buttons. Well, you’re not wrong. Use the skill customization tab in your options menu to assign your various skill to your various weapons and stances.

  • Focus on the weapons you prefer and that you’ve been dumping stats into.
  • Think about how you’ve been using your stances. For example, low stance is defensive, so maybe choose a combo ender that moves you out of the way.

This creates a mind-bending number of combinations and permutations for you to choose from — low, mid and high stance for each weapon can have different movesets and combos. Just remember: Skill customization lets you tweak how William fights to match how you play. Focus on what you know and ignore the rest. Use skill customization to make William fight your way.

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