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No Man's Sky: Create useful items with these recipes

A long list of recipes, some of which you'll actually use

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Like blueprints, the recipes you find in No Man's Sky allow you to combine things and make something new. Unlike blueprints, what you create from a recipe is not always a final product, though. Recipes are useful in that they allow you to make things you'd normally have to buy.


Like the name suggests, components are parts of other things. You'll use these to construct and repair your starship, suit and Multi-tool and their various Companion Units. You'll also use components to make the parts that combine to form Warp Cells — and you'll be making a lot of Warp Cells — and the Dynamic Resonators you'll need for your Hyperdrive upgrades. Components include Carite Sheet, Microdensity Fabric, Electron Vapor, Suspension Fluid and Antimatter.


You'll find alloys under the components tab of your crafting menu, but you'll only need them for a few specific blueprints. An even better way to make use of Alloys is to just turn common elements into something vastly more profitable and sell them. Alloys include Terumin, Lemmium, Maxmox, Crolium and Aronium.


No Man's Sky's devices crafting category covers things that give you access to locked doors and chests. This is where you'll find the extraordinarily useful (and potentially lucrative) Bypass Chips as well as the AtlasPasses you'll discover along your journey. Devices include Bypass Chip as well as AtlasPass v1, v2 and v3.


The elements that fuel your Exosuit, Multi-tool and starship appear under consumables. With these, you can convert more common elements into more efficient fuel sources. Consumables include Warp Cell, Unstable Plasma, Shielding Sheet, Shielding Shard, Shielding Plate, Power Gel, Power Reservoir and Power Canister.


Your crafting menu has a fourth tab devoted to curiosities. We haven't found any recipes for curiosities yet, but add them here if and when they get added to the game.

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