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No Man's Sky guide

Let's explore together

No Man's Sky is here, and the time for wondering just what the heck this open universe game is has passed. We've played. We've explored planets and galaxies. We've blasted holes through asteroids. And here, in our guide, we'll teach you what to do, what not to do and how to spend your time in this vast new game.

Editor's note

As you may have heard, No Man's Sky came in hot. We've spent many hours in the game, and we have many more hours of exploring ahead of us. In the days to come, we'll keep playing and expanding this guide.

Update: August 29, 2016

In the weeks since No Man's Sky's release, we've spent hundreds of hours exploring, poking, prodding, devising theories, testing them and writing the most helpful tips and strategies we could devise — links to all of which you can find below. Last week, as the back of the retail box entices us all to do, we reached the center of the galaxy.

At this point, although we'll always have more exploring to do, there's more in our spaceship's rearview mirror than there is ahead of us — at least for now. As No Man's Sky continues to expand, we'll continue to return and update this guide.

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