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No Man’s Sky Beyond guide: How to increase your Exosuit’s inventory space

Because you’ll always want more space with an Exosuit Upgrade

Hello Games via Polygon
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You’re never going to have enough inventory space in No Man’s Sky. It was true when it launched three years ago, and it’s true now with the Beyond update. Sure, you can now hold 10,000 units of an item, but you’re still limited by how many kinds of items — how many inventory slots — you can have.

This guide will walk you through the three ways you can increase your Exosuit’s inventory size. Each of these will add one slot to your inventory, but be warned, every one of them is expensive.

Space Stations

No Man’s Sky Beyond exosuit upgrade
Exosuit Upgrades are available on every Space Station.
Hello Games via Polygon

Every space station has one Exosuit Upgrade to buy. Facing out of the hanger bay, head to the right side toward the front. Right next to the Appearance Modifier, there will be a vendor selling Exosuit research. There’s a cylinder next to him with a backpack hologram inside, where you’ll be able to buy your Exosuit Upgrade.

They start at 10,000 credits, and for each additional slot you purchase, the price will go up by 10,000 more.

The Anomaly

No Man’s Sky Anomaly Exosuit Upgrade
An Exosuit Upgrade is available each time you call the Anomaly into a new system.
Hello Games via Polygon

Each time you call the Anomaly into a new system, you’ll be able to buy one upgrade from Iteration: Selene. Facing the Nexus from where you park your ship, head to the left side of the Anomaly, and then go all the way to the back. There are several vendors here — Iteration: Selene is in the back left.

Just like on a regular Space Station, there’s a cylinder with a hologram where you can buy your upgrade. The price will increase by 10,000 credits for each upgrade here, too.

Drop Pods

Finding upgrades in Drop Pods is the least efficient way to upgrade your storage space, since it’s entirely dependent on luck. Don’t rely on this method, but if you happen on a Drop Pod, know it’s an option.

No Man’s Sky Drop Pod
Drop Pods will have a blue, antenna icon.
Hello Games via Polygon

On a planet, build a Signal Booster from your Tech > Portable construction menu, and use it to Locate Nearby Structures. You’re looking for a beacon icon — it’s supposed to look like an antenna, but it mostly looks like either a rocket ship or wheat. (Each time you use a Signal Booster, you’ll need to visit whatever it marks before it’ll find something else.)

No Man’s Sky Beyond Drop Pod Exosuit Upgrade
Drop Pods need to be repaired before you can claim your Exosuit Upgrade.
Hello Games via Polygon

If and when you do find a Drop Pod, you’ll see a cylinder similar to the one on the stations, but this one will be broken. Repairing it will be resource-intensive (one we found required Oxygen, Sodium Nitrate, Ionized Cobalt, and Antimatter), but once fixed, you’ll get a “free” Exosuit Upgrade.

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