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Midori Midorikawa boss battle guide: tips, tricks, and strategies — No More Heroes 3

How to beat the fifth ranked alien

Midori Midorikawa from No More Heroes 3 Image: Grasshopper Manufacture via Polygon

In Polygon’s No More Heroes 3 boss battle guide, we’ll show you how to defeat Midori Midorikawa. We’ll demystify each phase of this Japanese horror game-inspired boss battle by explaining each of the boss’s attacks, showing you how to avoid taking damage, and sharing general tips, tricks, and strategies.

Midori Midorikawa: Schoolhouse

The Midori Midorikawa boss battle from No More Heroes 3
Follow the green flame
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture via Polygon

The Midori Midorikawa boss fight in No More Heroes 3 begins like a first-person horror game. The game’s perspective changes, and you must walk around the creepy hallways of this Japanese school following Midori’s green flame.

You encounter creepy, headless aliens as you follow the wandering fire around the halls. Eventually, you get locked inside a classroom where you need to face off against three basic enemies.

The Midori Midorikawa boss battle from No More Heroes 3
Go left and explore the classrooms from here
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture via Polygon

As you continue forward, Midori’s flame enters a set of double doors at the end an intersection of a bloody hallway. You can’t go through those doors. To proceed, go down the hallway to the left and enter each of the classrooms. There are multiple instances of headless bodies acting out scenes from school life. A few of the rooms also have small fights that are very straightforward.

Keep checking out the classrooms and continue down the hall until you are teleported to the other end of the hallway.

At the end of the other hallway is a bathroom you can enter. Inside is a save point and an exit that brings you back to your hotel room. Save there and then walk out of the bathroom to find the double doors have opened. Enter the gymnasium.

Midori Midorikawa: Phase 1

After speaking with Midori Midorikawa, you’re teleported to a rock quarry where a more traditional No More Heroes 3 boss battle begins.

In this encounter, you change into your Ground Combat Assault Type Full Armor also known as “Full Green Mode.” Despite being in a suit of armor, you have your standard attacks, jump, and dodge abilities. However, you now have two special attacks:

  • Tiger Attack teleports you directly to your enemy with a powerful close-range attack.
  • Multi-Missle requires you to lock onto your target first, before unleashing a long-range attack.

Midori Midorikawa uses a mixture of fire and wind attacks against you.

Her fire abilities including bouncing balls of flame that light the ground on fire. She also casts a wall of fire that leaves a trail of flames. Her big flame attack is a massive fireball that she tosses at you. You’ll have to dodge around these attacks and navigate the flames on the ground to attack the boss.

Her wind attacks include a small tornado she shoots at you. She can also unleash several small waves of wind and even uses wind as a sword at close range. Create space between you and the boss to dodge the projectiles and either block or dodge her melee strikes.

Midori Midorikawa: Phase 2

The Midori Midorikawa boss fight from No More Heroes 3
Get as far as you can to dodge
Image: Grasshopper Manufacture via Polygon

The second phase of the Midori Midorikawa boss battle in No More Heroes 3 is much like the first.

In this section, your enemy begins using two new attacks. The first is a wind ability that covers her in a dome of wind. When she does this, get as far away as you can to dodge the flurry of wind she tosses. Her second new ability is a large, flaming tornado. Steer clear of this attack by dodging either to the left or right.

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