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Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes 3

No More Heroes 3 boss guides and walkthroughs

Become #1 in the galactic assassin rankings

No More Heroes 3 continues the franchise’s tradition of packing an entire game with absurd and over-the-top boss battles. The third entry in the series has the game’s protagonist, Travis Touchdown, facing off against 10 of the galaxy’s most notorious assassins to become the top killer across the stars.

Each of the game’s 10 boss battles includes bespoke gameplay mechanics and sometimes genre-breaking concepts. To help you become the greatest intergalactic assassin, we’ve created boss battle guides for each enemy you’ll encounter in No More Heroes 3.

Before you begin squaring off against these oddball villains, check out our No More Heroes 3 beginner’s guide that will give you gameplay, combat, and overall strategies to help you fight your way to the top. You’ll learn how to navigate Designated Matches, how to use your Death Glove Skills, how to use the perfect dodge, which skills to upgrade, and which are the best chips to craft.

Before diving into each boss guide, do not click any of the links above until you’re already in each boss battle. Without spoiling too much, some of the boss fights above do not go as planned. If you navigate to the links above before entering each ranked battle, you will encounter story spoilers.