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Polygon’s D&D session with Adult Swim’s Tigtone creators goes extremely weird

A 5th edition actual play by way of absurdist fantasy

As part of Polygon’s exclusive programming with New York Comic Con, I dungeon-mastered a D&D game set in the absurd fantasy world of Tigtone, using a campaign developed by the creators of Tigtone, for the crew of Tigtone! The show’s creators, Andrew Koehler and Benjamin Martian, played the game alongside co-producer Blake Anderson and Polygon’s Josh Rios. The wild and hilarious 5th edition actual play session will be available to watch on YouTube today, Oct. 9th, at 8:55 p.m. EDT.

Gathered together by the shady Oracles of Azpehrun, our players immediately dubbed themselves the Hair Gang (for their beautiful coiffures), and then they undertook a mythic quest that’s definitely not at all suspicious (depending on how your perception roll goes). Will they find the plot armor? What’s the carrying capacity of a seed-steed? How badly did I mess up when I gave Rags the Urchin the stats of an actual sea urchin? (Very badly!)

No knowledge of Tigtone or even Dungeons & Dragons is necessary — in fact, most of the group themselves hadn’t played since middle school. That didn’t stop them from stretching the boundaries of what the game (and the dungeon master) would allow, in all the best ways possible.

In case you end up a Tigtone fan after watching this actual play session, you can stream season 1 and 2 on HBO Max, just in time to catch the season 2 finale on Sunday, October 11th at midnight ET / PT.

If you want to watch more of Polygon’s exclusive NYCC programming, you can find our schedule here. View the complete New York Comic Con Metaverse schedule here, and be sure to subscribe to NYCC’s official YouTube channel, where all panels will be livestreamed from Oct. 8-11. You can also follow New York Comic Con on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.