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Obduction walkthrough: Hunrath 4. Farley’s house

Wikipedia says "tape player"

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Once you enter the code, you can enter Farley's vault/house. And there's a lot going on in here.

Unlock the shortcut

First, unlock and open the door — there are two steps here. Turn the deadbolt first, and then you can open the door. This will serve as a shortcut later.

The sign-in book, the desk, the map and the chalkboard

To your right, there's a sign-in book on a table. Inside you can read about the most recent arrivals to Hunrath and where (and when) they came from.

To the left, toward the back of the room is a desk with a lot of reading material on it. It's all worth the read. There's writing on everything from the first bit of Arizona desert to get transported here, to the seeds and the tree, to the aliens involved in the game's plot — including drawings of them.

To the left of the desk is a map of Hunrath and chalkboard. Pull down the projector screen above the chalkboard. You'll be using both of these in a minute.

The tape player and the crazy wall

Head to the right of the front door to find a room with a few of Farley's personal effects.

Next to the teddy bear in the window is a device that Wikipedia tells us was once called a "tape player." This arcane technology seems to have been used to record audio.

Hit rewind on the tape player to get to the beginning of the side, then hit play. Listen to Farley tell you about someone named Chavar and the attack that led to the current situation in Hunrath.

After Farley is done speaking, hit eject to flip the tape over. Hit rewind then play again to listen to Farley tell you the story you heard in the abandoned campground at the beginning of the game. Afterwards, though, you'll hear several other residents of Hunrath add to the story.

At the back of the room, you can see a dimly-lit Crazy Wall that Farley seems to have put together about the seed pairs and their purpose.

The projector

Head back to the front door. To the left, you'll find a projector. Hit the switch to turn it on.

Turn the projector to align the circle with the map to get a new destination on the map of Hunrath.

We know that we passed through the portal near the green mark at about 11 o'clock on that picture, and it dropped us at the green mark near 5 o'clock, so it's probably safe to assume passing into the wall drops you off 180 degrees from where you started. Since our goal seems to be on top of the wall, the teleportation location we need is across the swing gate.

Change the projector to its other slide and point it at the blackboard in the back corner. The pattern probably looks familiar — it's the layout for a Villein number.

You may have to mess with the alignment of the screen and the projector, but you'll end up with a Villein number that looks like this. Based on what you learned about the Villein number system in the gas station, this number is incorrect. You'll have to use the Villein machine's autocorrect feature.

The gas station and the swing gate

Head back to the gas station by going back through the vault door and turning left. Zero out the Villein machine and trace in the image you saw in Farley's. Once you're done, press the blue button.

The machine will figure out what you were trying to write and give you a number on the screen to the right.

From here, you can head back to the swing gate by exiting the gas station and turning right, then following the fence on your right until you can see the river. Follow the river back to the swing gate.

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