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Obduction walkthrough: Hunrath 5. The mayor’s house

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The swing gate

After checking on the mayor's access code, head back along the stream toward the swing gate.

Once you reach the swing gate, drop the left side into the water.

Back to Farley's house

Head back to the switch and throw it to straighten out the swing gate. There's nothing you can do here right now, but you'll be walking across the top of it in a minute. Make your way all the way back through town to Farley's house. Go through the front door and out through the vault door.

Directly in front of you is a stone arch and path. Head under the arch and follow the path to the right.


Keep heading up until you come to the edge of the dome. You can pass through here and it will teleport you above and behind the mineshaft next to the swing gate. Follow the path where you arrive and you'll come to the walkway that passes over the swing gate.

Cross the swing gate and throw the switch on your right to lower the stairs on your left. You're not going to use these right now, but you will soon. Turn around and head into the mine shaft behind you.

This will teleport you directly across the dome onto the top of the wall and onto another path on top of the wall. Follow the path you're teleported to.

The mayor's house

You will dead end at the mayor's vault. Enter the code you learned from the Villein number in Farley's — 406. Head left first to open the locked door. This door leads out to the Tree area, so it's not important at the moment, but it's always a good idea to open doors to ease your passage later.

Turn around and head toward the list of mayors hanging on the wall. Walk down into the sitting area to find a couple of pages of notes from C.W. to the mayor.

To the left of the list of mayors is another door to unlock. This one leads into the train yard. Turn left from the door and head over to Mayor Josef's desk.

The journal on the desk provides even more insight into the events leading up to the battle and the "chambering" of Hunrath's population. There is also a note about the code to the upper tower. There are two compasses on the desk. One is in a box marked "Roscoe," meaning it belonged to the first mayor of Hunrath (or Hartnell, as it was called then) according to the list on the wall.

If you examine Mayor Roscoe's compass and look under it ("under the direction of our first mayor"), you'll find a state's name written on a note. Which state is on the note will be random, but it will be one of the states whose license plate was on the wall in the gas station. Head out of the door on the train yard side of the office. If you didn't take a picture of the license plates on the wall of the garage or the rotary phone in the phone booth, now's your chance to double back.

You're also going to be converting the letters on the license plate into only numbers. If your T9 skills have gotten rusty in the last 20 years, you can use the payphone to match the letters to the corresponding number. Once you have your code, head back along the river again as if you were headed to the swing gate. This time, though, take the stone stairs up to the metal stairs you dropped earlier.

Now you can turn around and head toward the tower.

The tower

When you reach the tower, there will be a panel on your left. Use the rotary phone interface to enter your code. Ask an old to walk you through the process if you've never used a rotary phone before.

Now you can use the button to call the elevator. If you take the elevator up, you can find a monitoring room. There's nothing to interact with at the moment, though.

Take the elevator all the way down by hitting the down button three times — the first time will return you to the top of the wall, the second to the mayor's office and the third to the mayor's bedroom.

At the foot of the bed, on the right, there is a stairwell. Take it to discover a mechanism. Turn the crank to open the gate blocking your access to the Tree.

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