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Obduction walkthrough: Hunrath 3. Opening Farley’s vault

It's time to do things in reverse

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C.W.'s workshop already provided you a list of the steps the town went through to batten down before the Mofang battle. Unbattening is just undoing all of those steps.

You have already done a number of them. You have lowered the mine cart out of the workroom, opened the swing gate, un-diverted the river, turned on the power, turned the water to the Tree back on (more on this later) and disabled the dome.

Since you already have the code for Farley's vault, let's do that first -- and maybe learn something along the way.

Taking the mine cart to Farley's vault

Take the cart out along the track. The first junction will turn you right, toward Farley's.

Continue straight, past the tressel until you are deposited into a mine shaft. This is the first of several times you will have to turn around and drive backward.

Turn around in your seat and use the switch to make sure you are diverted onto the rightmost track. Take the next right, then the next left. You now know how to blow up the rock projector on your right, but it's not necessary at the moment.

You'll have to turn around again at the next dead end. Take the left track and follow it all the way up into the canyon. Keep going until you see a fence with a gate in it.

If you can't exit the mine cart, back up along the track some until you can. Get out and open the gate. Inside, you'll see a rock wall with the telltale red shimmer of a projector.

Leave the gate open, and go back to the mine cart. Use the laser to destroy the rock projector. Head through the newly opened mine shaft …

… until things look weird.

Through the mine shaft

Walking through the wall of the dome doesn't actually get you outside of it. It teleports you elsewhere within the dome. As you walk along the rusted shipping containers, you'll soon discover that you're in a junkyard above and behind the gas station.

Follow the path around to the right. Just past the whale, you'll find a crane-like machine on your left. Press the button and ride the bucket down into the junkyard directly behind the gas station.

Keep to the wall and you'll soon find a cabinet.

Inside is a fusebox with diagrams that explain why the power didn't go on everywhere in town when you started the generator. Throw the switch on the left to restore power to the rest of Hunrath. Continue around and to the left until you find the back door to the gas station. Inside, you'll find a Villein device and instructions.

Learn the logic behind the puzzle

This is arguably Obduction's most difficult puzzle, which is why we created a guide that explains how Villein numbers work. Check it out.

The device serves a very Cyan Games-type purpose. It teaches you how to count in the Villein version of base 4. At the moment, you have no real use for this. It's sure to come up sooner or later, but you don't need to worry about it right now. If you'd like to know more about how Villein numbers work, you can read about it in our guide.

Head out into the garage and open the garage door with the button to the right. Before you leave, use the game's camera (or your computer's screenshot) to snap a picture of the wall of license plates. Just trust us.

Head out through the garage door and turn a little to the left. Right against the canyon wall, there is a strange artifact from an ancient time. Go inside the phone booth and snap a picture of the dial. Unless your memory of T9 (ask your parents) is still strong after 20 years, you're going to need this later, too.

Now, go back across the front of the gas station and head behind and to the left of the train engine. Pass through the doors of the red brick building and follow the path to the left. At the end of the canyon, you'll find a mine shaft on the right wall. Inside is a door with a keypad to its right. Happily, you already know an access code.

Enter Farley's address in reverse — 6341 — to get inside the vault.

Obduction guide full table of contents

Navigating Obduction (and our guide)

We've organized our Obduction guide based on worlds and what you do in them, so each section is a world, and chapter's name represents a puzzle or an objective. Every page flows into the next, and you can use the quick navigation box just above to hop to the previous or next area.

In long chapters, there's a table of contents at the top of the page. In every chapter, there's a table of contents at the bottom showing Obduction in its entirety. If you're not sure exactly where to go, just look at the copious images on each page. When they look familiar, you'll be able to orient yourself.

The next level of puzzles.

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