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Obduction walkthrough: Kaptar 3. Riding the chains

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Your next destination is currently blocked by a large anchor (or, more aptly, a counterweight).

Head back to the swinging bridge from the beginning, and swing it all the way to the left so the other end is pointed at the dome wall.

The dome here in Kaptar works just like the dome in Hunrath. Walking through the wall here will send you to the opposite side of the dome.

Climb the stairs to the platform, and use the lever to activate it and ride it back to the temple. If you watch closely, you'll see the counterweight pass below you.

Take the stairs down to the front of the temple, and head forward and to the right. Against the wall, there's a marker at the top of a path that goes down.

Take this path all the way around until it leads you up into the channel below the platform you just rode.

At the end of the channel, take the stairs on the left to the next area you'll explore.

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Navigating Obduction (and our guide)

We've organized our Obduction guide based on worlds and what you do in them, so each section is a world, and chapter's name represents a puzzle or an objective. Every page flows into the next, and you can use the quick navigation box just above to hop to the previous or next area.

In long chapters, there's a table of contents at the top of the page. In every chapter, there's a table of contents at the bottom showing Obduction in its entirety. If you're not sure exactly where to go, just look at the copious images on each page. When they look familiar, you'll be able to orient yourself.

The next level of puzzles.

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