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Obduction walkthrough: Kaptar 4. Farley’s room

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At the top of the stairs in the channel below the chain platform, you enter another section of the temple. Take either of the staircases on your left to find walkways and more stairs outside that run along the cliff face.

Start making your way up the stairs. There are a lot of stairs. Keep going until you see a giant skeleton. Follow the path around and under the skeleton.

Follow the path around to the left and down where the path will lead into the dome wall. Walk through, and you'll be deposited in another chamber on the far side. Start walking up the stairs you see.

There are a lot of stairs. Keep working you way up until you see something that looks exciting. This is not what you're looking for, though. This Swap Machine will take you to another new world and a locked door that you don't know how to open yet.

This area is also not the top of your climb yet. Turn back toward the stairs, and you'll find another long stairway up.

At the top of the stairs, you'll see a broken machine. There is a small gap directly across the landing from where you come up. These are the stairs you will take down. At the bottom of the stairs is another Swap Machine.

This machine takes you to Farley's room in Hunrath. (If you were a Kickstarter backer, these two rooms are full of backer rewards.) This room is under her house — if you head along the narrow tunnel, you'll come to Farley's vault door.

There are two things to read here — Farley's journal on the desk next to the bed and her notes on the Arai larvae in the workshop — but there's nothing to do with this information right now. Once you're done exploring here, take the Swap Machine back to Kaptar.

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