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Obduction walkthrough: Maray 1. Don’t panic

Obduction's third age world

Welcome to Maray, Obduction's third age world.


As you walk along the only path available, you'll soon come to a map and a recorded message from Farley. It seems that Maray is where the residents of Hunrath came to be chambered before the Mofang battle.

Farley will direct you across a bridge to a sign-in area, but, shockingly, the bridge isn't there. Immediately after the welcome message, just to the left of the map is another path.

Take this path all the way to the top to discover a new Swap Machine.

Use this Swap Machine to exchange this chunk of Maray with the corresponding one on Hunrath. Backtrack to the Swap Machine that first brought you to Maray and use it to return.

Make your way back up to the top of the path, and you'll find a stone arch was brought over from Hunrath. Cross the bridge, and continue along the path.

Keep to the left at the first branch, and keep walking toward the red beam. Just like in Hunrath and Kaptar, you'll need to disable this before you can go too much farther.

Enter the Villein building, and keep heading up the ramps toward the red beam. You'll find yourself on a balcony overlooking the beam. Use the joystick to claw machine the blue beam over to destroy the red one.

Once the beam is destroyed, turn around to get a message from Mayor Josef. Well, it looks like Mayor Josef, but something's off. With a hat tip to the illustrious Dr. Walter Bishop, we'll be calling him Mayor Faux-sef from now on.

Obduction guide full table of contents

Navigating Obduction (and our guide)

We've organized our Obduction guide based on worlds and what you do in them, so each section is a world, and chapter's name represents a puzzle or an objective. Every page flows into the next, and you can use the quick navigation box just above to hop to the previous or next area.

In long chapters, there's a table of contents at the top of the page. In every chapter, there's a table of contents at the bottom showing Obduction in its entirety. If you're not sure exactly where to go, just look at the copious images on each page. When they look familiar, you'll be able to orient yourself.

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